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Bungee Run Challenge

Inflatable Bungee Run Challenge

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Setup Area: 40’ x 13’ x 12’

Actual Size: 38' x 11' x 10'

Monitors: 1

Circuits: 1

Age Group: All Ages

Can you do it Chattanooga? Can you beat your friend? Who will make it to the end of this Inflatable Bungee Run Challenge? This Bungee Run Challenge Inflatable Rental is over 35 feet long. It features side pop up obstacles, a jumping mat, a basketball hoop, 3 different "scores", and of course the "run" to see who can get the farthest! With its neon green and white colors it is sure to POP at any event!! Challenge your friends in a friendly FUN-raiser! FUN-raisers are great for schools, churches, and community events. 

3 in 1 Bungee Challenge

Bring on the fun with challenging games.  This 3 in 1 Bungee Challenge offers a few options allowing you to change things up.  This inflatable obstacle course has:

Baton Challenge

Basketball Dunk Challenge

Human Bungee Darts

Each game comes with its own set of rules and the participants will have a blast. This is a fun addition to an inflatable carnival.  This is not only fun for the participants that are playing the games but for the spectators as well. They can gather around and choose a side to cheer for.  When looking for party rentals you have come to the right place.  We offer a unique line of inflatable party rentals.  Take a look around and start planning your next party or fundraiser.  

The Baton Challenge

You will be given a velcro baton and the mission is to get as far and as fast down the lane as possible.  The goal is to get the baton as far down the center velcro wall as possible to win.

The Basketball Dunk Challenge

The participants are given a small basketball to run and dunk into the basketball hoop at the end of the runway.  The first person to succeed in getting the ball into the hoop wins.

Human Bungee Darts

There is a scoring circle on the back wall that the participants trying to get their velcro baton that they will need to stick to this scoring circle. Whoever has the highest score wins.If you are planning a fundraiser, an inflatable carnival is perfect.  Our 3 in 1 Bungee Challenge is perfect for fundraisers! You can charge for entry or per item with tickets.  There are so many options and we are happy to assist.  We party all day, every day and are here should you have questions.  Book online or call for a booking. 


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