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Electric Slide Wet

Electric Slide Wet

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Setup Area: 40' x 18' x 20'

Actual Size: 35' x 16' x 18'

Monitors: 1

Circuits: 1

Age Group: All Ages


Electric Water Slide Rental

Electric Water slide rentals are the perfect addition to any backyard party.  Shelf Service bouncers brings the fun for the entire family but the kids love them the most.  Get your kids something they will remember for life, a water slide rental party for their birthday!  These are so simple to have and affordable too!  All you have to do is book the day, we will bring it out to you and set it up.  Be sure that you have a hose handy in order to have the slide become a water slide.   Give your kids something they will remember for the rest of their life and not some trinket that is thrown into a corner for their next birthday party.

We not only offer water slide rentals for birthday parties, but we work with corporations, churches, schools, and all kinds of large carnivals as well.  We bring the fun, you bring the people and have a wonderful time.  These are perfect for carnivals and fundraisers.  If you are looking to raise some funds for your school or church a waterpark party could be just thing.  Thinking that water would be a bit much?  Not a problem!  We not only offer waterslides but also bounce house rentals and obstacle course rentals to name a few.  We work with people to set up entire carnivals or just have a little fun in their backyard.  

Rent a Waterslide!

Water slide rentals are a great addition to a carnival.  If it is going to be hot outside, it is a wonderful way to cool off.  All of our inflatable rentals can get wet, so if you want to combine your water slide rental with some other inflatable rentals then you should do so.  We have concession rentals and all kinds of interesting rentals to choose from which include a mechanical bull, rock wall for rock wall climbing and giant game rentals. 

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